Mission Statement

Tick tock

It is five o’clock in the morning, your hand can’t even reach the alarm clock before you think it is too early to dark and too cold to get out of bed. Your brain and body lies in rebellion, voices in your head giving permission to push the snooze button and slip back into your dream.

But you can’t.

It has only been a few hours that you said yes when you know you should’ve said no. Your time frame is impossibly short. You are abroad without your usual contacts. Your resources are exhausted, and everywhere you turn somebody is saying the task at hand is unsolvable.

This is the reason why you set the alarm-clock in the first place, because the urge to find a solution is burning. So sit up, put your feet on the ground, because we got work to do.

Welcome to Epic Creations

We understand why you said yes in the first place, we understand the internal pressure of striving for perfection that does not allow for a no. We understand the pressure where no is not an option. There are thousands of paths offering less resistance but you are headed upstream. This is the point where you made your choice and decided to turn your back on what is comfortable, safe and what others would call „common sense”. But you have come to the right place, we don’t care about why and when you want it we only care about how we can make what you want a reality. Because we understand and thrive on solving the impossible. Right now we are at zero hour.

Six hours after understanding your requirements we will deliver a series of concept drawings, which we can use as a starting point. Within eight hours of finalization we will create the 3D models and ten hours later deliver a 3D prototype for actual physical size and shape reference along with proposed color samples. After locking all variables two teams will work parallely with the latest technology to finish the product to meet your deadline.

We know you want impossible and we welcome the challenge
For us twenty-four hours a day: is merely a suggestion.
Laws of physics: a point of view.
Impossible: another day at the office.

Tick Tock